Happy New Year

Here we are back into work again after the Christmas break with as much lightness of foot as an athlete in lead shoes! There’s still snow to contend with during journeys, budgets to face and waistline to manage! On the bright side Spring’s coming and the bulbs are up.

What does my new year consist of:-

–          Cranking up motivation like others who work at home, and practising the ongoing challenge of getting the job done despite rejections from publishers, negotiations with teenagers feeling feisty and adventurous journeys through the frost. I have invented a maxim to keep me going when I’m writing; ‘rejected by editors – read by thousands’. As a writer, it helps! As a parent it helps too!

–          My new year also contains the second degree wrench of letting our eldest go again after the closeness of family Christmas as she returns to her new term in her new life of independence. We have as parents to be bold about these changes, but it doesn’t make it less painful!

–          And my new year still has the challenge of having to keep my nose out of my youngest’s education as she returns to college. Because after an ingrained habit of home education for ten years I still find this hard. Especially when incompetent politics has crapped on education, particularly in poorer areas where they need it the most. There’s only one thing I abhor more than incompetence and that’s practised incompetence which is what the government continues to do with its blinkered educational policies.

Plenty of challenges ahead then! But I hope some more nice surprises. Like the lovely comments that were left here over Christmas. You’ve no idea how inspiring it is not only to have someone take the trouble to leave a message, but also to know that folks are actually reading it!

Thank you so much to all who have. And Happy New Year. Let’s hope this bright new decade brings bright new beginnings.


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