Are slugs lucky?

Are slugs lucky?

I know it’s considered lucky to have a ‘money’ spider on you, a black cat cross your path (or is that un-lucky) and be doused in seagull poo. But where do slugs fit in?

The reason I ask is because I just trod on one.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been outside, but it wasn’t. It was in the kitchen and I was half asleep, groping for the kettle, when my foot shot away from me and there was that awful slimy squidgy feeling of something nasty under my slippers.

Such are the challenges of living in the country.

Slugs often seem to find a way to slink into this old house. They either creep through the crevices, or cling to cauliflowers undiscovered until you find them in the bottom of the saucepan. I sometimes follow shiny trails along the base of the conservatory wall, over my walking boots (I always check the insides before putting them on) and under the plant pots. I try and suck them out with the hoover where they drown in dust.

Slugs are a good reason not to do too much hoovering. If the dust gets too thick on the floor they can’t slide across it so easily; I can grab them the minute I put the light on and lob them out the window.

I do hope you don’t consider this too cruel. But we already share this house with other critters of the rodent kind, the insect kind, and the occasional sparrow under the eaves and although I know slugs are valuable creatures too I just can’t take to them.

I suppose in a way I was lucky; at least I didn’t tread on it with bare feet. This time!



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