Opening hearts to home education

I had such nice group of folks over at the weekend. They were making a film about home education as part of their study and asked if I would be interviewed, along with others. Thought it would be interesting so I put aside my fears that I’m about as photogenic as a cow’s backside and agreed.

It certainly was interesting. And what was particularly heartening was to speak to a group of people who actually had open and receptive minds to something different to the norm.

It’s not often you get open and receptive responses when people find out that you’re a home educator. Many times over the past years I’ve had the opposite; closed, shuttered, blinkered responses that aren’t even open to furthering their understanding before they pass sentence. This is what it often felt like; like we were being sentenced simply for doing something that didn’t fit into people’s need for everyone to be the same. Some were ready to pass judgement even though they’d never come across it before and had no knowledge of how it works.

So it was great to have the opportunity to talk to people who wanted to know more, rather than who shied away in fear, to people who had open hearts and a willingness to entertain views different to their own. So many times in the press home education has been dismissed as something not valid, not workable, and not real even. Despite the fact that it is real, it does work and it is valid for so many children.

So, cow’s backside or not, I really hope they do well with their film. And I hope it goes beyond their study and gets an airing in the wider community. For it would be wonderful if home educated families, who toil away at their silent educational successes, were given some credit and validation for the tremendous work they do. Work that one day may make a difference to the children whose education is being damaged by the processes of schooling. Because the way education is going at the moment, something needs to make a difference!


One thought on “Opening hearts to home education

  1. wow thank you for your inspiration Ross, I don’t suppose this film is available yet as we’d really love to watch/listen to such resources as we are (with open hearts) researching/ gathering info to help consider home education for our 5 & 7 year olds and it feels like such a huge scary step to move away from the ‘norm’

    do you know of any other resources:films/radio interviews that you would recommend that is available to help us make an informed choice? love Jo

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