Autumn outdoors

I’ve been to take my computer tired eyes for a walk this afternoon. That’s my excuse anyway – it had nothing to do with the fact that it was just perfect out there, so brilliant it even managed to get through the grimy windows!

It was one of those still, shining autumn afternoons that the season does so well.

So silent even leaves seem loud when they drop, rustling round my boots. Stillness disturbed only by a flash of robin accompanying me along the hedge line. Low light illuminating the sumptuous green of the tree trunks – yes green – not brown like children’s paintings. And sharp, bright colours ranging from brilliant auburn, through transparent brown, to burnt umber, from my feet to the horizon.

Stems, stalks, fields, folds; such a shining on everything I nearly trip over from staring so hard.

An early owl glides silently along the dyke side thinking he’s hunting on his ownsome, but I spotted his pale silent flight. And a flock of geese rise out over the marsh and settle again.

Peace perfect!

As near perfect as you can get. And as a grand finale of sundown bruised clouds along the horizon swallow up the sun and send shafts of its residue up into the cooling blue making it look like an ecclesiastical painting!

Magic. You need magic like this to combat all those dark hours that are to come. Computer’s always here when I get back!



One thought on “Autumn outdoors

  1. Thank you for this – it has lifted me from a November afternoon glump into a poetical dream – like world. I was there with you. I think you should write some poetry and bring cheer to the rest of us.
    Michelle Barber-Taylor

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