Loving half term

 It’s pathetic! I’ve been like a kid with candy, I’m so excited. Can’t write. Can’t spell. Simply because the kids have been back here for half term.

We haven’t had a proper half term in this house for years. Since we’ve been home educating for the past ten years all terms just mould into one another. Our education wasn’t measured by term times; it was just an ongoing part of everyday life, as it is in reality. This is how it becomes when you ‘do it yourself’.

But now, our eldest has been back in the nest after her first foray into independent life and the youngest with a week off college, it’s been back to normal again. The illicit borrowing of each other’s nail polish, the fight for the remote control and arguments about whose turn it is to do the pots! But of course, all this is punctured by love and togetherness, comfort and lots of eating.

The trouble for me now is not keeping abreast of the endless dirty glasses but keeping out of their education. Having been in charge of it for years I now have to back off, allow others to do their job and the kids to do it independently. Not to mention the fact that they want me off their case now!

What they want most of all at the moment is to sip the homely magic that was always there; the magically appearing meals, the magically disappearing washing up, and the magic of all this happening with little effort on their part. Where the house is warmed by love as much as anything else and we’re all comfortable enough with each other to squabble.

Family life. Isn’t it wonderful? I thank my good fortune as I remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have it. It puts the image of that dirty washing coming through the door into perspective!

2 thoughts on “Loving half term

  1. I totally commend you on giving your children such a homely environment to return to. It ties in beautifully with the idea that our parenting ripples out far beyond us. If we affect the world with our parenting then we also do it with our homely environments. This is not always immediately tied in with parenting but as we teach our children to be kind to others, we would do well to also show them how having a loving, comforting family environment is essential. By creating these safe, caring homes where good, nutritional food is offered and it is safe to voice an opinion without being bullied, we show our children what they can achieve for their children and so on. Children who do not have this safety net quite often do not know how to create it when they have their own families. If that goes on, one of the most essential but simple aspects of the human family will be lost forever. That surely has to be to the detriment of peoplekind.

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