My parliament visit

What an exciting day yesterday!

It wasn’t just because of the idea of going to visit my old home town or the houses of parliament. Or its sheer awesome interior and seeing it all lit up as we left. Nor was it the prospect of meeting politicians, they don’t awe me at all!

It was none of that. What was most exciting of all was meeting the wonderful bunch of inspiring people – the home educators – who were gathered there. Who had put the event together, who had worked endlessly in preparation, who gave up their free time to coordinate an event to fight for the rights of all families to educate their children in ways that suit them best.

Now, it’s been suggested to me that this was something arranged solely for the greater glory of certain members of the organisation Education Otherwise. But I’m not concerned or involved in that. And that’s not what I saw.

I saw a collection of concerned and committed parents. Some EO members, but some who were not. Most were home educators but some were not, they were just people interested in supporting home education. All of whom had given up their free time, got off their butts, made a huge effort. And from what I saw this was from a true desire to make a difference. And because of their efforts there are now some members of parliament who have a better understanding of home education and how inappropriate the recent recommendations to monitor and structure it really are, and how that would destroy much of what makes home education so successful.

This would not have been the case if we had all done what I originally wanted to do; stay comfortably here in my joggers writing about it. But the ironic thing is that if we all continued to do that, stay quietly out of it, then there will no longer be the option to home educate in the way we’ve been able to.

For many families home education makes the difference between a failing education and a successful one.

And I am truly thankful that there are people who can see beyond their own personal politics and their own comfort zones who are working to maintain that. Not to mention giving me the opportunity for a truly awesome day!


3 thoughts on “My parliament visit

  1. I too really enjoyed meeting you and was very sorry to see you had gone early –I should have made more of sitting next to you –hope I get chance to meet you again,

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