Moving on from home education into the uni hole

There’s a massive hole in the house at the moment. I don’t mean a physical hole like when the builders were here knocking bits down as fast as other bits were falling down! No – I mean an emotive hole left by the kids moving on.

Now I know most parents feel a gap when their teens go off to uni like our eldest has just done. And I do wonder if there’s a huge collective grief at this time of the year as parents wave goodbye to their kids who are stepping into uni-world. But for us it’s a double whammy. For not only has our youngest just moved onto college too, but the pair of them were home educated and this home has had children in it all the time for the past ten years.

All day, every day – well almost; we were out and about educating for much of the time – this house has been filled with home educating activities. Filled with art and craft work, dodgy experimentation, long bodies stretched out across the floor, settees filled with books and games and general junk. The house and garden had friends and laughter, activities and buzz, arguments and discussions, investigations and shocking language at times when everyone fell out! But for the most part it was filled with busyness. And love.

And so so often I could have screamed for a bit of space to get on with my own work. And now there’s that much space I may need oxygen to emotionally cope!

What a wonderful inspiring experience home educating our children has been. How lucky we feel to have had that opportunity to see first hand our children develop their knowledge and skills day by day, to see them happy and fulfilled, achieving and ambitious and eventually taking these steps out into the world. Actually they were of the world already, not having been confined in school.

When we started out we put up with doubters and insinuations that our kids would turn out to be thick and uneducated, that they’d be withdrawn and umbilically tied, that they’d never fit into the world and that it couldn’t possibly work.

Now it’s over we can see that it is the exact opposite of each of those statements that is true. Our teenagers are out in the world developing their lives as all other teenagers are at college and uni. And it worked out beautifully. And now it’s time for us parents, no longer home educating, to redesign our own lives to fill this huge emotive hole all parents inevitably have to cope with.

I’m thinking of you all.

3 thoughts on “Moving on from home education into the uni hole

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  2. I feel uplifted and inspired when ever I read anything that you have written Ross, because it is honest and true. The last ten years of total, love, commitment and dedication given to home educating your girls has been an amazing journey to witness. Well done Ross, you have prepared your fledglings well for their next chapter in their journey of life.
    And so to your next chapter of your life, I’m sure you will gently adjust and the ’emotive hole’ will fade and be relaced with more inspiration, quality time and beautiful uplifting moments.
    I speak as a non home educator, but well done to you all that dedicate so much love, time, thought and effort for your children. You are, and should be an inspiration to all.
    With Love and Admiration.

  3. I have just read this and if everything you write touches me as much as this has, I will be in a spasm between holding back the tears and the pride of being a home educator bursting through my chest. You are a shining light, may you long continue to give your wonderful advice to other parents. I truly sympathize with your emotive gap, however I would say that there are lots of folks out there who need you to spend your wisdom on writing more of this heart lifting blog. I will now be looking for more so – GET BLOGGING
    Best wishes for the future
    Michelle Barber-Taylor

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