Intro from a writing nobody

This blog is going to be about parenting, children, education and home education as these are the things I’ve been involved with and writing about lately. But it may also be seasoned with the occasional foray outdoors as that’s where I’d rather be instead of stuck in front of this thing.

That’s where many of my ideas generate; when I’m tramping the marshes with the dog at a forty-five degree angle to the wind that blows constantly round here. That’s where I came to the conclusion that schools weren’t doing our kids any favours and they needed to be out. That’s where I mull over ideas for my work and often sit in wet grass scribbling with a pen that’s too cold to work, note book pages flapping in the wind, getting a soggy bottom.

If you want, you can find some of my writing on the Education Otherwise website ( and in the Green Parent magazine ( and in my recent book ‘Learning Without School. Home Education’ published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. But for now I’m sure I’ll be posting here again soon.


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